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The Ballymun4business network is for all business owners and organisations working within the locality of Ballymun.

As the only business network in the locality, we offer a unique opportunity for business owners to meet one another and create opportunities for business development, to access supports and training and find out what is going on in

But there is more to it than that; we want to make Ballymun a more vibrant place in which to do business by working together to increase footfall in Ballymun so that all businesses profit.

In Ballymun 4 Business, we give businesses and community organisations a place in which to connect, forge relationships and make Ballymun a better place.

Why become a member

Business Owners & Organisations

Our members at the heart of our network. When you join:

  • You will increase awareness of your business or organisation
  • Have an opportunity to gain referrals for additional business
  • Be kept up to date on local business news
  • Engage with community initiatives
  • Partake in local community events
  • Learn about opportunities to attend relevant talks and training at local and national level.

Be heard

B4b has representation on the Ballymun Town Civic Alliance. We are represented by our Chairman Robert Murphy. Robert sits on the Economic sub-committee. Robert’s involvement with the Civic Alliance is of huge importance to B4b as it provides our members with a chance to hear first hand about economic plans for the area and have an input.

Christine Carroll

Ballymun Adult Read & Write

"B4b, for us, has facilitated engagement between local businesses and community agencies ensuring a broader perspective of the community in which we work."

Connecting local businesses and