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Looking for a product or service in Ballymun? Find what you need quickly and easily with our searchable membership listing. Featuring a comprehensive index of our members, you can find a wide variety of trusted products and services right here in the Ballymun area.

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Ballymun4business was officially launched in 2017 with a vision to promote Ballymun as a place to do business, increase footfall and support the local community. Since then, we have witnessed remarkable growth and are proud to play a critical role in supporting local enterprise, community engagement and strategic planning in the area. Our networking events serve as the cornerstone of our activities, and are designed to help our members increase sales, forge new relationships, and unlock opportunities. Our online learning sessions also play a key role in giving our members a strong platform to showcase their businesses, while providing participants with information about products and services available on their doorstep. We also take pride in our active role within the community which aims to help enhance the Ballymun area

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Ballymun4business fosters connections, collaboration, and community support for businesses in and around Ballymun. When you join Ballymun4business, you can expect to increase awareness of your business, generate referral business, stay up-to-date with local area and business news, attend networking and industry events, access training and support through our partners, and have your voice on business in Ballymun heard.