Ballymun CoderDojo launched

The Ballymun CoderDojo is run by Valerie O’Carroll in the Child & Family Resource Centre in Shangan and welcomes up to 20 kids (or Ninja’s as they like to be called) every Saturday between 11 and 1 pm.  The ‘Dojo’ has become so popular that there is now a waiting list to join.  CoderDojo is an international volunteer lead movement that teaches kids as young as seven the art of coding.

Said Valerie: “We wanted to give children in Ballymun an edge when it came to second and third level education, even as far as employment in the IT field,”  Ninjas in the local Dojo move through different levels so they can go on to build a website, create an app or a game, and explore technology in an informal, creative and social environment.

CoderDojo is supported by volunteers who kids build a positive future through coding and community. O’Carroll pointed out how important they were to the Ballymun programme. “We couldn’t run the Dojo without the commitment and good will of all the volunteers,” she said. “At present we have nine volunteers supporting the Dojo in Ballymun. Every Saturday they give up their free time to get involved in CoderDojo.”

At the launch, the local Ninjas were presented with T-shirts and Jackets all sponsored by Ballymun4business.  B4b member Debbie Crowley of Funky Monkey Foods was present to hand out the jackets & t-shirts to the kids.

To find out more about the Ballymun CoderDojo go to Facebook or contact the Child & Family Resource Centre: 01 852 7183