Business of the week – Money Coaching Ireland with Anne Marie Macken

Anne Marie is a Coach, Qualified Financial Advisor and Accountant. Her curiosity and fascination with the human mind and human behaviour sparked an interest in psychology going back to her teenage years. She was put off this course of study by a Career Guidance Counsellor who concluded that she was too hard-nosed for such a caring profession (she swears, she’s not!).

After a long career in Bank of Ireland, Anne-Marie launched her money coaching business with a focus on financial well-being that is holistic and starts from within. She works with clients to create awareness of their values and beliefs, uncover the internal and external resources available to them to support their financial well-being and create a vision for change. 

Anne-Marie believes it’s possible to feel financially secure and free no matter what your current financial situation ?? What could be more rewarding and caring (that Counsellor had her all wrong ?) than that!


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