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The Paddy Box and Mark Loftus

The Paddy Box is one of the most exciting businesses we’ve seen of late. Founded by Mark Loftus and operating from the Ballymun Enterprise Centre, it’s been around for almost four years now. Its reputation has been growing steadily in this time, mainly due to excellent value, products and uniquely fun packaging. The aim is to connect people around the world to Ireland by allowing customers to create and ship a box of ‘Irishness’ that will bring joy to those that open it. Customers can choose a pre-made Paddy Box or they can pick 10 items from the range to be packed and sent anywhere in the world. 
B4b Connect local business Ballymun. Photo of Mark Loftus a handsome man holding a cardboard box sealed with a green bow and printed with Paddy Box.

Why Mark created The Paddy Box

Mark left college right as the recession hit, bringing with it a new wave of emigration. Family, friends and thousands of Irish people were packing up to pursue opportunities that were no longer available here. And so he came up with the idea to find out what people might miss most from Ireland and condense it all into a little box of Irish stuff sent with grá (love). 

Many of us have friends and family members living abroad who we want to stay in touch with. How many of us have wanted to send something to make them smile and remember home? Something uniquely Irish that they probably won’t find in the shops where they are. Well, that’s what you get in The Paddy Box, but there’s something more than that too. You also get a lot of humour and fun, a bit of craic really. It’s like soundness in a box!  

There’s no better feeling than making someone’s day

Mark says there’s no better feeling than making someone’s day! We think that’s a great business ethos. If we can all try to ‘make someone’s day’, then we’ll be doing very well indeed.

B4b Connect local business Ballymun. Photo of smiling Mark Loftus amid lots of half-open paddy boxes, cardboard boxes in which you can see Irish products like Tattoo, Barrys Tea, Elite biscuits etc

More from The Paddy Box

To see the full range of care packages and gifts, go to their website for more information:

You might also catch them on social media (as follows) and perhaps at a B4b networking event too.

On Facebook: Facebook Paddy Box

On Twitter: Twitter Paddy Box

On Instagram: Insta Paddy Box

On LinkedIn: LinkedIn Paddy Box



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