The public consultation phase for the Dublin City Development Plan commenced on Thursday 25th November 2021. The public display of the draft plan is available to view online, at your local library or by appointment.  Submissions can be made by members of the public up until Monday 14th February.  Further information below and attached.


What is a City Development Plan?

The City Development Plan guides the future growth and development of the City.  It is a strategic policy framework document that sets out priorities for the city. It includes policies and objectives that will guide the future development of the city over the next six- year period and beyond.  It also includes zoning maps. The making of the City Development Plan is a reserved function of the Councillors and is a two year process which includes 3 public consultation stages (Pre-Draft, Draft Plan and Amendments to the Draft Plan). Pre-draft Stage 1 has been completed. Stage 2 commences tomorrow with the Public Display of the Draft Plan and associated documentation.

Public Display of the Draft Dublin City Development Plan

The public display of the Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2022 to 2028 runs from Thursday 25th November 2021 until Monday the 14th February 2022 and submissions can be made by members of the public (up to 4.30 pm on the last day).

See attached Public Notice.


How can I find out more?

See for all information regarding the making of the new City Development Plan 2022-2028 including the Draft Plan (Written Statement, including Appendices and updated RPS), Strategic Environmental Assessment, Appropriate Assessment, Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Maps as well as documentation from the Pre-Draft stage. Information regarding how to make a submission is also available and submission can be made online through the website.

There will also be updates on our social media channels and on our dedicated website during the consultation period.

Can I talk to someone on this?

Sharon Beatty is the point of contact for the Development Plan team and her number is 01 222 3086.  On the days that she is working from home she will divert her phone to her mobile number so will be able to take calls.  It is intended that most people will be able to find the answer to their queries on the dedicated website or will email their queries to us on We will do our best to respond promptly to all emails and will phone people back if necessary.

How do I make a Submission?

Online submission on this Draft Plan can be made at our dedicated website