Eimer from FIT Social Media can be contacted on 0868492032 and her website is fitsocialmedia.ie

B4b member Eimer Duffy is a Social Media Personal Trainer.  She is an expert in all things Social Media & Website Training, Management and Marketing. She offers a range of services including Consulting, Training, Workshops, Management and more to take your online presence to the next level.

About Eimer
Over the years, Eimer has worked with small and medium enterprises, global blue chip brands and high profile consumer products, within the FMCG, corporate, financial and hospitality sectors. She has worked alongside companies such as The Walt Disney Company, Lyreco UK & Ireland, The Irish Stock Exchange and St. John of God Community Services.

In order to take her business to the next level, Eimer went on to study social media marketing, management, web design and training, which in turn gave her the skills to support all types and sizes of businesses, events, charity groups and socially focused organisations including Friends of MWRS, Count Her In and Core Ireland.

Over time, Eimer has built an impressive list of collaborations on various social media and marketing projects with some of Ireland’s leading brands and incredible local businesses.

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FIT Social Media – Services

FIT Social Media are here to help businesses big or small, non-profit organisations and individuals with their social media and website training, management and marketing.

Take a look at Eimer’s full list of services below:


  • Social Media & Website Consultation
    Eimer offers social media and website management services for small businesses, non-profit organisations, individuals and events. She will evaluate your current online presence, measuring it up to your competitors and give you a recommendation on what services would suit your needs.

    Your first 30 minute consultation by phone is free of charge, so click here to get in touch today and book your free consultation.  
  • Social Media and Website Training
    Eimer will teach you the key social media and marketing skills to get the most out of your business or event. She aims to help your understanding of how these platforms work, which will enable you to reach a wider audience quickly and effectively.

    Eimer offers group or one to one training sessions with bespoke and customised training, and packages to suit every budget. 
  • Social Media Management
    Need help to manage your social media platforms, online reputation, day-to-day online activities and content creation? Eimer offers services such as graphic design, photographic and video content for your social media platforms.  

    Have an event coming up? She can also manage your social media at the event, live tweeting and creating posts there and then.  
  • Social Media Marketing
    Gain traffic, and market your brand to your target audience to help you increase brand exposure, broaden customer reach and increase your business goals.  
  • Website Management
    Do you have a website which you don’t have time to update or manage? A website needs to be attended to and maintained  regularly.

    FIT Social Media will look after the upkeep of your website with fresh content and new images/videos, as well as making sure your website is secure. 

FIT Social Media are here to help businesses big or small, non-profit organisations and individuals with their social media and website training, management and marketing.


Click here to find out more: https://fitsocialmedia.ie/contact/

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Blog Posts

Here are some of our favourite tips from Eimer, but make sure to head over to her site for more fantastic tips and tricks on how to take your social media presence to the next level.

1. Remember with any social media platform you are on, you need to be active, show who you are in a positive and relevant manner, be aware of your audience and don’t forget you need to monitor for any comments, as social media only works if you are committed.

2. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which means you need to be using the right keywords relevant to your business which will help you be found in search engines such as Google.  Say for example, someone is searching Google for “Red Shoes”, any search results that come up with the words “Red Shoes” will override any pages that don’t have those keywords mentioned. That’s not good if you own a shoe shop and your website, which sells shoes, doesn’t have those keywords mentioned or images tagged with those keywords. Keep this in mind when it comes to writing a blog also.

3. All in all, there is no point in having a website and not looking after it.  Having some training will give you confidence when it comes to for example updating and adding content to your it. If you do decide to have your website managed, my advice is sit down with the person who will be looking after it and get a good flavour of what yours is about.  Ask them to show you how to navigate it.


If you would like to find out more about how Eimer can help your business, FIT Social Media can be contacted on 0868492032 or on her website at www.fitsocialmedia.ie.