.JobAlert.ie is the best way to advertise or search for jobs in Ireland. It was co-founded by B4b member, Pamela Doyle.

Pamela’s Story

In 2015 the unemployment rate in Ireland was almost 10% and Pamela Doyle had just earned her BA(Hons) in Human Resources Management. She wanted to help people who were struggling to find work.

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Pamela set up a few Facebook pages, purely on a voluntary basis, to share employment and upskilling opportunities. She wanted to change the conversation that was happening online and show people that the jobs market in Ireland wasn’t all doom and gloom. Building an online community would support job seekers and help them to find successful career opportunities – thus keeping the country’s spirits up, not allowing people to give up hope. 

After all, a job is not just a paycheck, having a successful career provides far more meaning in our lives than just money.

JobAlert.ie as a solution for Employers

Over time she was approached by companies asking if they could advertise their vacancies. A lot of them were struggling to pay the colossal fees being charged by other job boards. In August 2018 JobAlert.ie was officially founded by Pamela along with Sean Breen & Athar Jamil to offer a new affordable solution reaching jobseekers directly through social media. 

ballymun B4b Connects Business of the week JobAlert.ie This image shows a black background and a single word is written in white chalk that says Hiring!Because it uses social media, JobAlert.ie doesn’t only reach jobseekers who are actively looking for a new position. They also reach those who were not looking for a new job. Many highly-qualified people who are not actively seeking a new job, will apply if the right position crops up in their social media feed. This can make a massive difference, particularly for vacancies that are hard to fill.

Where they are now

JobAlert now has over 400,000 followers on social media. They can also boast more than half a million website visitors each month. Thousands more have also signed up to notifications alerting them to specific jobs. They help businesses of all sizes to attract the best talent – quickly, easily and affordably with no contracts or hidden fees. 

So whether you’re an employer who wants to hire the right person, or a jobseeker looking for the perfect fit, do get in touch with Pamela and the team in JobAlert.ie who will be delighted to help you.

Contact JobAlert

If you are thinking of changing job or career then be sure to set up alerts for your perfect job on the JobAlert website.

We also highly recommend speaking to Pamela if you are an employer with a position you are struggling to fill. You can also check out their testimonial pages to read how they’ve helped other businesses to fill vacancies – Check out the Testimonial Page here: Testimonials

Email: info@jobalert.ie

Phone: (01) 849 5003

Website: www.jobalert.ie





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