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Dublin City Council is currently preparing a Local Area Plan for Ballymun. LAP’s are a key mechanism to deliver the Core Strategy as set out in the Development Plan and are prioritised for areas subject to large scale development/redevelopment. There are c. 33.44 hectares of undeveloped land available for mixed use commercial and residential development within the Ballymun LAP area (including the mixed use shopping centre site and the Hampton Wood private development, c.2.9ha, under construction), and an additional c. 24. ha within the adjoining Ballymun M50 lands (i.e. outside the LAP boundary). This land is serviced and predominantly under the ownership of Dublin City Council (52.63 ha) thus putting Ballymun in a unique position to take advantage of the current economic upturn and become a strong growth centre of the City. As such it is important to set out the future development context both to protect the significant investment made in the area to date and to guide the continued sustainable development of the area.


You can view it here –


Next Stage:


The next stage of the LAP process will involve placing the draft LAP on public display for a period of 6 weeks from sometime in early April 2017. Members of the public and business community are invited to make submissions and observations on the Plan.

During the 6-week period, the Plan will be available for viewing in Dublin City Council’s Civic Offices at Wood Quay, in the Ballymun Civic Centre and online on the DCC website. A copy of the draft LAP is being sent to bodies prescribed under the Planning and Development Act 2000, as amended.

The draft LAP will be published here soon……


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