Mary Conway – Janus Estates

Mary Conway is the owner of Janus Estates and is Ireland’s first Senior Move Manager. Her speciality is helping people in the process of downsizing their home. She works with clients to help them set up their new home and even assists with choices regarding possessions. She is also an Age-in-Place specialist.

Janus Estates offers special rates for B4b members so do get in touch if you’re selling your house. 

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About Mary Conway

Mary Conway was in nursing for over 30 years, so she has lots of experience in helping people deal with life’s big challenges. She also has a passion for property and was a residential landlord for almost 25 years, even going back to college to get her PSRA license. In 2015 she moved into property management full-time.
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Janus Estates

Mary established Janus Estates in 2019 to help families navigate through changes associated with age and lifestyle transitions. These included changes due to illness, bereavement, separation, divorce or helping a family to prepare a house for sale after the death of a loved one. She named the business after the Roman god, Janus. Janus faced both the past and the future and was known as the god of new beginnings, symbolising change and transition brought by the progress of time. This seemed appropriate for Janus Estates as moving home is a new beginning that also recognises and acknowledges one’s previous home and journey. 

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Specialist Areas: 

  • Downsizing
  • Age In Place
  • Estate Dispersal Services (help to prepare a home for sale)
  • Buy / Sell / Letting of Property
  • Property Management

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Age In Place

Changes such as mobility issues can be adapted to by reorganising and restructuring spaces to provide easier reach and use of household items. This may also include organising and decluttering items accumulated throughout the years to make a safer space that’s easier to move around. 

Mary can also project manage the arrangement of required modifications as well as structuring daily activities, appointments and communication between care providers and/or family.

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Finally, we saw this very recent message on Facebook that a client sent to Mary and we thought we’d share it with you. 

“Just to say thanks again you have turned a new apartment into my forever home and I am very grateful.. It means a lot to me”.

How to get in touch

If you or a loved one needs help with any of the property matters mentioned above, we highly recommend getting in touch with Mary and Janus Estates through their very easy-to-follow website.


You can also find them on Facebook or LinkedIn as follows:



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