Member Services

Welcome to our dedicated page for Member Services, where you will find the resources you need to stay informed, grow your business and expand your network.

Members Directory

Ballymun4business hosts a range of events designed to bring together our community of business leaders and offer business development insights. Our regular meetings, which are held at a local venue approximately once a quarter, feature carefully selected keynote speakers and meaningful networking opportunities with likeminded businesses. Additionally, our ‘Lunch and Learn’ webinar series features industry experts who share insights on the latest trends, offering members valuable knowledge to stay ahead in their fields. Find out more about our upcoming events here.

Resource Directory

Ballymun4business is proud to offer members exclusive online access to a range of local area resources. From local development plans, strategic insights, and invaluable information about the area’s growth, to research, strategic reports, archived business presentations and business opportunities, our resource directory is designed to empower our members with the information they need to stay informed about the local area and engage on matters of importance to their business. To access the resource directory, click here.

The Ballymun Business Support Ecosystem

The Ballymun Business Support Ecosystem
Ballymun4business is a stakeholder in the Ballymun Business Support Ecosystem, a collective of local organisations committed to providing support for businesses in the Ballymun area to grow. We are dedicated to championing Ballymun as a prime business destination, and actively foster growth and engagement.

Network Events, Workshops & Webinars

Our exciting event program is a catalyst for expanding business networks and nurturing professional relationships, and provides an environment for meaningful conversations, enquiries, and guidance in the right direction. Our face-to-face networking events and our webinars attract businesses of every size, industry sector and stage of growth and are designed to support you on your business journey. Our events are free for members to attend; we encourage all our members to get involved in the most vibrant collaborative business opportunity in Ballymun!