Niamh from Mindful Measures can be contacted on 087 9828707  and her website is

B4b member Niamh Kelly is your go-to for emotional and psychological well-being. Niamh has a wealth of experience and professional qualifications that form the foundation of her practice in counselling, psychotherapy and mindfulness skills training. She practices in clinics in Santry, Malahide and Raheny. 

About Niamh

Niamh started her own counselling, psychotherapy and mindfulness skills training business after spending over a decade in Human Resource Management in public, private and semi-state organisations. She felt compelled to do it like a voice inside her was directing her to do it. Niamh always had an interest in human relations and indeed led a successful career in it but this new direction permits her to engage with others at a much deeper level. It’s her vocation.

After finishing her degree, Niamh was introduced to mindfulness through renowned enlightened zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. Thich Nhat Hanh is not only accredited with bringing mindfulness to the West but is also a Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Niamh is a longstanding student of his and has developed a sincere and deep interest in mindful living as a result of his influence. She is really passionate about introducing others to mindfulness because of its amazing benefits.

Here’s a little more about Niamh and her services in her own words

Mindful measures services 

From three convenient North Dublin locations – Santry, Malahide and Raheny, Niamh offers her services to individuals and businesses in the following areas.

  • An Employment Assistance Programme for employers (EAP). An EAP is a set of professional services specifically designed to support staff and improve wellness and healthy functioning in the workplace.
  • Therapy for clients who are struggling to cope with life events and/or experiencing emotional states such as stress, anxiety, depression, grief and trauma etc.
  • Skills training such as Communication, Conflict Management, Anger Management etc.
  • Wellness guidance in the form of direction and clarity for those feeling stuck, lacking direction and wanting to reach their potential.
  • Mindfulness Training for those wishing to develop emotional intelligence and resilience.

Note: All clients are required to actively participate in the process for wellbeing to manifest.

Helping you

Niamh is developing a range of helpful vlogs that offer practical and actionable advice that everyone will find useful. Here’s one from her Facebook page on how to deal with difficult people, all you have to do to is follow her page to get more of this great advice.

Niamh Kelly Mindful Measures - how to deal with difficult people

Ballymun for business members offer 

All B4b members will get 50% off the first Counselling and Psychotherapy session and/or 50% off the first of the 6 sessions in the 6 Week One-to-One Mindfulness Skills Course. Contact Niamh and tell her you are a B4b member to avail of the offer. 


Niamh from Mindful Measures can be contacted on 087 9828707  and her website is