Rediscovery Centre

The Rediscovery Centre is the National Centre for the Circular Economy and we are located in a bespoke demonstration eco-facility in Ballymun. They support four reuse social enterprises; Rediscover Furniture, Rediscover Fashion, Rediscover Paint and Rediscover Cycling. These businesses use waste materials for new product development & design demonstrating effective resource efficiency, reuse and low carbon living.

Science Festival B4b Connects Rediscovery Centre Science Festival on 11, 12, 13th November 2021. Photo shows a mother and child talking with someone at a science demonstration stand

Science Festival Week takes place at The Rediscovery Centre on November 11th, 12th and 13th 2021 so do check that out!

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Circular Economy and The Rediscovery Centre

This is a creative space connecting people, ideas and resources for greener living in Ireland. As the National Centre for the Circular Economy, they bring together the skills and expertise of artists, scientists, designers and craftspeople united in a common purpose of sustainability. Located in a bespoke demonstration eco-facility, they support four reuse social enterprises; 

  • Rediscover Furniture
  • Rediscover Fashion
  • Rediscover Paint
  • Rediscover Cycling

These businesses use waste materials for new product development & design demonstrating effective resource efficiency, reuse and low carbon living. 

Eco Store

The creative products made in the social enterprises are then sold in the onsite Eco Store in Ballymun.
You can also purchase from their online shop here

B4b Connects Rediscovery Centre Eco Store. Photo shows a pleasant space with lots of repurposed clothes, furniture and other objectsLearning and Research

The Rediscovery Centre is an accredited Discover Primary Science and Maths centre offering interactive and experiential workshops for primary, secondary, and third-level which cover wide-ranging environmental and STEM topics. The centre’s translational research activities support national waste prevention and climate action policy and advocate for a more resilient and equitable society. 

Fantastic event venue and meeting space

The Centre is based in the repurposed Boiler House in Ballymun which was developed as a prototype ‘3D textbook’ a new concept in experiential learning and the first of its kind in Europe. The centre demonstrates best practice building design, construction and operation and defines the building and environs as an educational tool to effect positive behavioural change with respect to resource management and efficiency. It, therefore, offers a fantastic and unique event venue and meeting space.

Visit or Contact

The Rediscovery Centre is located at The Boiler House, Ballymun Road, Ballymun, Dublin 9, D09 HK58. It is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm.

Phone: 01 8933801



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