Have you been to the Rediscovery Centre lately? Based in the iconic Old Boiler House building in Ballymun is a hive of activity and social enterprise. It’s surprising just how much goes on under its roof. From courses to coffees, meeting space, furniture and fashion there’s something for everyone.


The centre is a truly unique resource in Ireland and it’s centred in Ballymun. The Rediscovery Centre is focused on research and education for the circular economy. The centre inspires a new more sustainable way to live and creates opportunities for training and employment in the area.


So much under one roof

To get a real feel for everything that’s happening, pop in and visit the centre, in the meantime here are 5 things you may not have known about The Rediscovery Centre and it’s services:


  1. The Rediscovery Centre is the national centre for the circular economy.


  1. The Centre has four reuse social enterprises Rediscover Furniture, Rediscover Fashion, Rediscover Paint and Rediscover Cycling. These enterprises use waste and unwanted materials as a resource and raw material for new product design. So if you need furniture, fashion, paint or bikes The rediscovery centre can be your first port of call.


  1. The Rediscovery Centre is also home to an Education department that provides a variety of exciting and interactive workshops for children.


  1. The Rediscovery Centre has an Eco Store, an Eco Café, meeting space and bespoke workshops.


  1. They offer a wide range of upcycling workshops in furniture, bikes and fashion.


For more information on the Rediscovery Centre, take a look at their video

The rediscovery centre ballymun promo video

History – The Rediscovery Centre

The Rediscovery Centre hasn’t always been based at the boiler house. The boiler house itself has been a key piece in the history of Ballymun. By headquartering in the boiler house, The Rediscovery Centre has secured its future. Here’s a little more about the history of both The Rediscovery Centre and the boiler house.

  1. The Rediscovery Centre was founded as a social enterprise in 2004 and has been operating a number of social enterprises since 2006


  1. In 2017 the Rediscovery Centre moved into the Boiler House and now all of the social enterprises are housed under one roof.


  1. The Boiler House was the main source of heat and water for the residents of Ballymun. It was built in the 1960’s to provide drinking water, hot water and heating to the 36 newly built flat blocks. It was the largest mass heating system in Ireland at the time of its construction. The Boiler House was considered a modern amenity and the new residents would have been some of the first with such technology.


  1. On 29th July 2010, the Boiler House was shut down and a new localised heating system came online.


  1. The iconic red and white chimney was set to be demolished in 2012 during the regeneration of Ballymun. Thanks to a successful application from the Rediscovery Centre and Dublin City Council to the EU’s LIFE+ environment fund Ballymun’s old Boiler House received a green revamp.


For more on the history of The Rediscovery Centre, watch this video 

Rediscovery centre Ballymun boiler house circular economy

What’s up next?

The Rediscovery Centre will be at House in the RDS this coming weekend Friday to Sunday 25th -27th of May. Ger Griffin from The Rediscovery Centre will be running two daily workshop sessions at the event. Ger will also be on Ireland AM on the 26th May so be sure to tune in and support him.


The Rediscovery Centre has a full on agenda of events from papermaking workshops, science workshops for children, creative upcycling, four furniture finishes workshop, tours and loads more.


Check it out, what better way to find new interests, learn new skills and entertain the kids.


The Rediscovery Centre is a member of Ballymun for Business and is the first in our series of the business showcase. If you would like to showcase your business please email info@b4b.ie or complete this form if you are already a B4b member.