B4b Business Network Coordinator

B4b is seeking to hire a new Business Network Coordinator

The Ballymun4 business network (B4b) is inviting you to tender for the above position to manage the B4b network. The candidate must possess a high level of expertise in business networking, event management, WordPress, and digital content management.

About B4b

Ballymun4business is a dynamic business network aimed at connecting local businesses and organisations in Ballymun.  The network is governed by a steering committee with a Chairperson, Vice chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and other key members.

We currently have over 70 members and are looking to grow this base further.  The network meets approximately 5 times per year at events hosted in different locations around Ballymun.  B4b is here to ensure that all our members maximise the business opportunities that are open to them and hence is guided by three main pillars.

  • To increase footfall in Ballymun
  • Get business referrals.
  • Engage with and support key community initiatives.

In addition, B4b offers its members the chance to get involved in community initiatives, have an input into local area plans and stay informed about what is happening in the area. B4b has a website www.b4b.ie , Facebook page @Ballymun 4 business, Twitter account @ballymun4biz and is on LinkedIn and YouTube.

About the role

Network Coordinator Profile

The role requires an experienced business orientated individual with strong communication skills, who is proficient with MS office, WordPress, and digital content management. The ideal candidate will have a creative and innovative mindset coupled with demonstrable experience in business networking and event management.


This is a part time position.

Ballymun 4 business will pay €15,000 per annum for this contract.

Please note this is a contract for services and not a contract of employment.  You will be required to provide a tax clearance certificate upon successful awarding of the contract.

The main areas of responsibility of the Network Coordinator are as follows:


  • Manage the B4b email account info@b4b.ie and act as a point of contact for our members and the public.
  • Deal with general enquires about B4b.
  • Manage a database of up-to-date contact details of our members.
  • Notify members of time, date and venue of our network meetings and circulate any relevant information.
  • Notify members of the AGM and support the secretary in re-election of members.
  • Attend approximately 8 steering committee meetings (1 hour) per year (on Zoom) to assist with event planning.
  • Assist with the preparation of the annual report, providing stats on:
    • of members
    • of events & attendees
    • Social media performance
  • Provide regular progress reports on achieving our goals and objectives.

Event management

B4b hosts approximately 5 networking events a year in various locations in Ballymun including Musgrave Market Place, The Rediscovery Centre, Aspen Student Village, and the Ballymun Civic Centre. The Network Manager will be responsible for managing and promoting the networking events. The main duties include*:

  • Attend approximately 8 online steering committee meetings per year (approximately 1 hour)
  • Agree calendar of events for the year with the steering committee
  • Assist the steering committee in developing themes and identifying keynote speakers.
  • Set the event up on Eventbrite, draft the content and share on the B4b website.
  • Ensure that the event is circulated to all members.
  • Ensure that the event is adequately promoted on all social media platforms.
  • Liaise with venue around audio visual equipment, seating, catering, uploading of presentations, parking, health, and safety protocols.
  • Book and brief the photographer.
  • Prepare the running order.
  • Prepare sign-in sheets.
  • Ensure B4b banners and other promotional material are available.
  • Liaise with printers & designers when needed.

* Steering committee members will be available to help on the evening and provide support around some of the above tasks.  The network has built up a network of suppliers that are available to use for printing, design, and photography etc.

Website & Digital Content

The B4b website www.b4b.ie performs an important function for B4b, collecting membership fees, managing events, and posting blogs. The Network Coordinator will be responsible for managing and maintaining the website. Currently it is built on WordPress using Jupiter.  It is planned to develop a new website over the coming months meaning new, user-friendly tools will be in place allowing the network to be managed more efficiently.

B4b is currently on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Eventbrite, and YouTube.  These platforms play a vital role in promoting the work of the network, our events, and our members.  The Network Coordinator will be responsible for managing all digital platforms including but not limited to:

  • Pre-event social media campaigns
  • Social media management during the event
  • Post event social media activity
  • Post event blog for the website
  • Regular management of the social media platforms to ensure B4b profile remains active.


The successful candidate will report to the Chairperson of B4b and the Steering Committee.  The Steering Committee are voluntary elected members who are responsible for B4b achieving its goals and objectives.  They will be on hand to help with events.  B4b has established a strong network of suppliers and a good relationship with the venues which will be a help to the Network Coordinator. Much of the Network Coordinators’ time will be spent around planning and hosting the events. There are periods during the year that are quieter. To give you some indication of the time commitment involved our events normally take place in:

  • 2023 Planned Events
  • March 2023 B4b AGM
  • June 2023 Summer Event – Aspen Student Accommodation Ballymun
  • Sept / October 2023 Event – Musgraves Market Place
  • December 2023 B4b Jingle Mingle Event – Rediscovery Centre Ballymun

After the summer event the network will take a hiatus until mid-August. During this period the main activity will be keeping the social media platforms active. As mentioned, there are approximately 8 steering meetings per year that you will be required to attend.   B4b will often be asked to participate or attend other events and campaigns during the year which you will be expected to support.

If you wish to tender for this role, please do so by submitting proposals in writing by email to info@b4b.ie by close of business Wednesday 8th February 2023.

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