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Ever heard the phrase “there’s a welcome on the mat”? If you’ve recently reopened your premises after lockdown, you were probably thrilled to FINALLY roll out the welcome mat for your staff and clients. But have you ever thought of branding that mat?

Then allow us to introduce you to Niamh O’Connell and Miriam McDonald, the founders of Underfoot Designs, our Business of The Week! Underfoot Designs provide high-quality mats and rugs with customised, bespoke designs, from logo mats for your business to rugs that give a personalised welcome to your home.

Cartoon graphic of two women standing by a desk. They are standing on a mat that shows the logo for Underfloor Designs

Imagine More from your Floor!

Niamh and Miriam set up Underfoot Designs because they could see that most businesses were not making use of their floor. Real estate is expensive and yet all this space was being wasted. Surely that space could be used for branding and other messages! They also realised that bespoke-design floor coverings weren’t just for business, they could be used in homes too. 

Make a positive impression using floor mats

Whether it’s for your home, your business, your club, your school or even your pet, bespoke mats make a wonderful welcome. We even discovered that they teamed up with a pet portrait business to create the most adorable pet mats!

Ballymun 4 Business connects. Underfloor Mat for Homes - Photo of a dog lying on a mat. The mat has a portrait of the same dog on it. The text on the mat reads Pawfect.

The mats come in a range of sizes. They are also all customisable, washable and conform to building regulation standards. If you have a particular idea then do contact Niamh and Miriam who will be able to work with you to bring your idea to life.

Look down for Safety Messages

Customised logo mats can also be used for safety messages. So, you can meet your safety requirements, and add your brand too. All the mats are customisable, washable and conform to building regulation standards.

Designs for the Home

We hate to say it but many of us are already thinking of Christmas. A personalised Christmas welcome mat really sets off the Christmas decorations and adds the finishing touch. This is a busy time, so be sure to get your order in early. Family and address welcome mats are also available.

Order online at https://underfootdesigns.ie/mats-rugs/

Designs for Businesses, Schools and other organisations

These are just a few of the wonderful designs for businesses, schools and clubs.

You can contact Underfoot Designs for a quotation for your organisation here:  https://underfootdesigns.ie/work/

Contact Underfoot Designs

Be sure to connect with Niamh and Miriam over at their website:Underfoot Designs

You can also connect on social media as follows:

LinkedIn: Underfoot Design on LinkedIn

Facebook: Underfoot Design on Facebook

Twitter: Underfoot Design on Twitter



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