What We Do

Ballymun4business was officially launched in 2017 with a vision to promote Ballymun as a place to do business, increase footfall and support the local community. Since then, we have witnessed remarkable growth and are proud to play a critical role in supporting local enterprise, community engagement and strategic planning in the area. Our networking events serve as the cornerstone of our activities, and are designed to help our members increase sales, forge new relationships, and unlock opportunities. Our online learning sessions also play a key role in giving our members a strong platform to showcase their businesses, while providing participants with information about products and services available on their doorstep. We also take pride in our active role within the community which aims to help enhance the Ballymun area

Our Ethos: Promoting Ballymun As A Place To Do Business

Our ethos of promoting Ballymun as a place to do business, is supported by a range of activities that are first and foremost designed to boost the local economy. By generating referral business, increasing footfall in Ballymun and supporting community initiatives, we thrive on making a meaningful difference to the businesses, livelihoods and experience of those working and living in the Ballymun area.

We Promote Local Business And Enterprise

Our members enjoy access to a vibrant local network which allows them to promote their business and gain valuable referral business. Each member also features in our online searchable member’s directory, with extra spotlight being placed on new members with our online new member showcase listing. Furthermore, our members can showcase their specialist expertise and insight and boost their visibility as speakers at our networking events and webinars.

We Support Our Members

Ballymun4business supports members by fostering a nurturing environment for idea-sharing, knowledge access, and timely advice. Ballymun4business is part of a strong business support ecosystem and connect you to support services within Ballymun such as Dublin City Council’s Ballymun Economic Development Officer, Dublin Northwest Partnership, AIB, Innovate Communities and the Ballymun Job Centre as well as external agencies such as the Local Enterprise Office Dublin City and Enterprise Ireland

We Support The Community

We are proud champions of Ballymun’s valued community initiatives. We are passionate about bringing our members together to collaborate and support one another to optimise the reach and impact of community-based business activities such as; Ballymun CoderDojo, Trinity Comprehensive Transition Year business projects, Ballymun Tidy Towns, Ballymun Health & Fitness Festival and being part of the Ballymun Decarbonisation Transition team, aimed at reducing the carbon footprint in Ballymun.

We Support The Local Economy

We are devoted advocates of strengthening the local economy by promoting the importance of buying local. Our searchable membership directory simplifies the process of finding local suppliers, facilitating easy access to businesses that can help you keep your transactions local while providing quality service.

We Contribute To The Local Business Ecosystem

We collaborate closely with our partners in the Ballymun Business Ecosystem, including Dublin City Council, AIB, Dublin Northwest Partnership, Axis Ballymun, Innovate Communities, and Start-Up Ballymun, to create a vibrant, supportive network. This flourishing ecosystem welcomes businesses at every stage of their journey, offering access to valuable resources, training, expert advice, and essential infrastructure to propel them toward their goals.